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S/Y 'Ata'Ata
Smile is what 'Ata'Ata means in Polynesian language, a symbol of which the boat wants to be a carrier: to go on sea adventures, with the purpose of meeting people and discovering sides of the world that are not always very accessible, without taking oneself too seriously.
Blue Water Sailing Dinghy

The boat is an Ovni 32, built almost 25 years ago in France. It is a solid aluminium centerboarder, with a draft of about 60 cm (2 ft), which allows her to sail shallow waters, prohibited to traditional keelboats.
'Ata'Ata is 10.20 m (33 ft) long and 3.30 m (11 ft) wide; she weighs a little over 4 tons empty and some 5½ tons fully loaded. With her sloop rig she carries 58 m² (624 ft²) of sails upwind, with both mainsail and genoa mounted on furlers. Downwind she can carry a 80 m² (860 ft²) symmetrical spinnaker.

La proue de 'Ata'Ata
From the bow...
...and from the stern
A 29 HP engine propels the boat to almost 6 kts when there is no wind... or in the Patagonian Channels, often against winds and currents. The fuel tank contains 70 l (18 gal), plus a reserve of 120 l (31 gal) in jerry cans on deck, and additional 250 l (48 gal) for the Channels, needed for both propulsion and heating.
A wind pilot steers the boat when there is wind, the hydraulic autopilot taking over under engine. A small auxiliary electric pilot can also drive the wind pilot. A radar completes the GPS navigation system.
The electrical current aboard is provided by two solar panels and a wind generator.
The little diesel hot air heater proved to be a really indispensable winter equipment in southern latitudes. At -10° C (14° F) outside it manages to ensure at least temperature values above 0° C (32° F) in the boat, which is not systematically isolated.
'Ata'Ata's inflatable tender is stored in a small locker accessible from the stern platform; it is powered by a 3.5 hp 4 stroke outboard engine.
'Ata'Ata's Navigation Corner
The navigation corner
'Ata'Ata's Drawings
'Plans de 'Ata'Ata
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